Together We Are Stronger!

Several organizations worldwide work for Tibet’s independence spreading information about Chinas illegal occupation of Tibet, human right issues and other important events that China try to stop the world of finding out. Thanks to these organizations, the world will be kept informed about the Tibetan people and the horrible reality the live in daily under Chinas tyranny.  

However, sadly I am disappointed about an organization called “The Swedish Tibet committee” about a week ago now I sent a mail asking them how they work to get people involved and spread the information about Tibet. The reason for me sending that mail is because I have never heard of them until recently.

Some of the information they have on their homepage is: 

Structure and aims
The Swedish Tibet Committee was established in 1967 with the aim of providing comprehensive and objective information about Tibet and the Tibetan refugees. The organisation has no religious or governmental affiliations.

The aims of the Swedish Tibet Committee are:  

  • to support the Tibetan people’s demand for freedom and self-determination in Tibet
  • to call for respect for human rights in Tibet
  • to support the Tibetan people’s struggle against the ecological devastation of their country
  • to work for the preservation of the unique Tibetan culture
  • to inform the Swedish people about the situation in Tibet and the refugee situation
  • to lobby the Swedish government and parliament to support the peaceful Tibetan struggle for freedom
  • to work with aid projects.

The Swedish Tibet Committee is funded by annual membership fees of 200 SEK (250 sek now) and donations from supporters. At the end of 2005 we had 528 members.

The organisation’s office is located in the Solidarity House in Stockholm where board meetings are also held. Since 2005, Eva Qvarnström has been the Committee’s Chairperson.

The main focus of the Swedish Tibet Committee is on information projects of various kinds. Information about Tibet in Swedish is available on our website: Alternatively our small group of volunteers can be contacted by phone or email.

Our journal”Tidskriften Tibet” (Tibet Journal) has been published regularly since 1975. We also distribute a newsletter called”Tibet idag” (Tibet Today) to parliamentarians and officers of the Foreign Ministry.

A number of lectures on Tibet have been organised over the years, given by Swedish as well as international speakers. The organisation has also been involved in visits by the Dalai Lama to Sweden in 1973, 1988, 1990, 1991, 2000 and 2003.

The Swedish Tibet Committee was involved in the translating and publishing of the ex-political prisoner Palden Gyatso’s book “Fire under the Snow” in Swedish and has also hosted the author on three speaking tours to Sweden.

In partnership with Sida, the organisation has also been involved in a number of aid projects for Tibetan refugees in India e.g. school buildings at TCV (Tibetan Children’s Village) in Dharamsala, TCV in Bir and the Ngor Monastery in Manduwala, the establishment of a bibliographical database at the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives. And office equipment and education to young Tibetan women at Tibetan Women’s Association and a medical centre, a show room and staff quarters at the Tibetan Women’s Centre in Rajpur.

Why not renew the English text since most information is old? 

Sadly people might sit at home thinking that yes that is wrong, someone should help those people, but silent support isn’t enough, to sit at home in the sofa just thinking does not really help and that’s when organisations have to be seen, to give people that “helping hand” in how to support. I can take myself as an example, for years I have cared about Tibet. Not really knowing why that interest started, but gradually it has become more than an interest and now I daily search information, news and whatever I can find and hopefully, by being out there spreading what I find out, maybe I can inspire someone else to also become more active.

In conclusion, I think that some organizations have to be better on being seen. Thanks to internet, there are endless possibilities to make people more aware. But we need to work together because that’s how we get stronger, that’s how we really can help.

My goal is a free Tibet, what’s yours?

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