Equality Watchdog Calls For Teachers To Ask 11-year-olds If They Are GAY.

 According to an article in Daily mail Government’s equalities watchdog wrote a report regarding that teachers, nurses and youth workers are being urged to set up pilot studies aimed at monitoring adolescent sexual orientation.

It says:

  • Children as young as 11 could soon be asked about their sexuality without their parents’ consent.
  • A report commissioned by the Government’s equalities watchdog found that it was ‘practically and ethically’ possible to interview young children about their sexuality.
  • Controversially, it says parental consent, while ‘considered good practice’, it is not a legal necessity.

The report for the much-criticized Equality and Human Rights Commission recommends that children should be asked if they are gay from the age of 11. A record should be kept of those unsure or ‘questioning’ their sexuality.

Now I wonder WHY should a record be kept? What are they going to use that record for?

 It also say that  monitoring sexual orientation among youngsters could help to  prevent them from becoming victims of discrimination, and claims that some young people begin to question their sexual orientation as early as age eight and may begin to identify as LGB (lesbian, gay, bisexual) from early adolescence.

How are they gonna use information that minors leave to prevent discrimination?

The report – Researching and Monitoring Adolescence and Sexual Orientation: Asking the Right Questions, at the Right Time – says it is ‘critical’ to track children’s sexuality to ‘shed light on the complexities of young  people’s developing sexual orientation and how this may disadvantage them’.

Why is it critical to track children’s sexual orientation?

Some youngsters, it says, may use categories such as ‘questioning’, ‘queer’, ‘pansexual’, ‘genderqueer’, ‘asexual’, ‘pan-romantic’ and even ‘trisexual’.

Even I as an adult had to look up some of the words above and my 11-year-old son wont for sure know what they means.

I am right now writing an email to the Equality and Human Rights Commission because I believe that no one except my son and those he choose to talk to about his sexual orientation has anything to do with that, especially not an organisation that has been so criticised here in UK.

Finally, my son’s sexuality does not matter to me, he is a young boy and he have the right to choose who he will talk too when he feels it is right for him, when he is ready. And I would take legal action if my son’s teacher/school or anyone else started question him.

They should talk about sexuality in school, I believe that is very important, but not because they want to put the children in different files depending on who they fall in love with.

What do you think about this? Should they allow 11 year olds sexual orientation to end up in a file somewhere? And what I am curious of is: WHO can read that file?

The article is here:


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