China’s Brutality In Tibet Exposed… Video Is From 2008

This film, produced by the Tibetan Government-in-Exile exhibiting violent scenes from the March 2008 riots, is the clearest evidence that shows bound and defenseless Tibetans being brutally beaten by Chinese police in Lhasa in despite of China’s persistent denial of such brutaliy or missconducts in Tibet for many years.
The second footage shows that the horrific injuries suffered by a young man named Tendar, who was arrested, after attempting to stop the beating of monks, but tortured by Chinese police who stubbed cigarettes out on his body, forced a nail through his right foot and beat him with an electric baton. He unfortunately died of his injuries shortly after. Third footage shows the heavy Para-military presence in Lhasa in the run up to the 50th Anniversary of March 10 Tibetan National Uprising.
Free Tibet!! China(CCP)!

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